the way life should be

If Maine had an official state drink, there is no question that the title would belong to Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy. 

Countless unforgettable stories start with a bottle of ACFB and some friends. Whether it’s mud season, time to load the car and head ‘upta camp,’ or simply a day out on the lake fishing, all Mainers know that Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy has to come along for the trip.

After all of these years, we are prouder than ever to be your loyal companion. Cheers to you!

Coffee Bean

30% ABV (60 Proof)

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

maine's #1 spirit

Allen’s coffee brandy recipes

Whether you are mixing up “the usual” or are looking to experiment with something new, Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy is the perfect base spirit for many unique coffee cocktails. Explore a variety of recipes you can easily mix up at home!